Dogs Owned by the Government

Attorney / Lawyer for Negligent or Excessive Use of Force Dog Bite Claims against any Oregon Governmental Agency or Business


Tort Claim Notice in Oregon
If a dog owned by the Oregon government, governmental business, bites you due to negligence or excessive use of force by any governmental agent or agency, you will need to provide tort claim notice within 180 days to preserve your claim. In the state of Oregon it is very important to preserve your state law claims by giving proper Tort Claim notice under ORS 30.275 within 180 days if there is a possibility that you may file a lawsuit against any governmental agency. Tort claim notice preserves your Oregon State law claims. If you fail to provide tort claim notice within 180 days, you will lose your Oregon state law claims. Even if I am unwilling to accept your case on a contingency fee basis, I am usually willing to issue proper tort claim notice on an hourly basis, so that you have time to find an attorney to handle your case.

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