Attorney / Lawyer for Oregon Dog Bites or Attacks

Need help with your dog bite case?

Dog Bite Attorney Portland Oregon, Jenny Clark, Brenden Burke, Clark Law & Associates LLC

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Jennie L. Clark, Attorney at Law, handles dog bite  cases in most Oregon counties.

Fortunately, most counties and some cities have dog bite laws, such as those listed to the right.  Most counties impose liability if an off-leash dog, not on the owner’s property, causes injury to someone. The injury from a dog attack may be in the form of a dog bite or from injuries due to the dog knocking someone over. Otherwise, Oregon common law must be relied upon, which doesn’t necessarily provide clear cut liability, unless the dog has previously bitten someone.  Oregon statutes, county statutes and case law are in constant flux.  If your county or city does not have specific dog bite laws, then we turn to the Oregon statutes.

Information on this site is not necessarily updated in a timely manner and cannot be relied upon for specific legal advice in any particular case. It is only to be construed as generalized information. Additionally, I do not represent anyone in relation to a dog bite incident, unless a fee agreement has been signed.


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